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The Viteos Technologist

Developers find out what the client is experiencing by interacting with them directly. We are firm believers in the fact that our client’s business is ours, and we are helping them find smarter, faster, more secure solutions.

Every day is different – because our focus is on solving problems and meeting needs, not maintenance. You will work on teams that are a mix of new and seasoned technologists leveraging the newest technologies and interact with business side professionals. Exposure to this combination of people will give you a well-rounded understanding of financial market systems development.

We are committed to individual growth. To train and encourage our employees to take risks is part of our DNA. Client satisfaction is the main motivator for us. Our success is in ensuring that our clients succeed.

We have an open environment where technologists are encouraged to present ideas that improve and push boundaries.

Careers at Viteos

VITEOS employees are innovative and dynamic leaders of financial and technology services who thrive in an entrepreneurial and pioneering environment. Our corporate culture is open and inclusive; irrespective of your experience, you will immediately be welcomed into the team, and would always have a significant role to play. We support emerging and wide-ranging skills for our staff through professional development, technological training and career advancement. You will find challenging opportunities in an environment that recognizes and rewards exceptional performance.Tomorrow’s technologies are being tested today at Viteos.

Why Viteos?

Viteos technologists pioneer bold connections in financial markets operations technology. We aren’t after typical developers and programmers. Rather, we actively seek colleagues who want the freedom to create and explorer- -to push the boundaries in financial technology. To do this, our people work in teams that interact with clients directly to meet needs and solve problems. We deliver domain expertise and interoperative skill across the latest technology – moving well beyond maintenance coding.

We look for people who are relentless in improving each day. Every day brings new challenges and new ways to solve what we solved yesterday. Quicker, Faster, Better than Yesterday is our tag-line.

If you are interested in creating something new that pushes the boundaries of coding – Viteos offers you that opportunity. Our team is different – domain expertise is key to understanding how to connect with the experience a customer has because a problem exists. Each of our team members advances to proficiency in products and systems in asset management and interact with capital markets industry people to understand business processes and best practices.

The Viteos Skill Set

The ability to learn, unlearn and relearn is the key differentiator to the Viteos employee. Languages and coding skills can be learnt – what cannot be learnt is the ability to think and the hunger for knowledge.

We are looking for people who are inquisitive and good at teaching themselves with a willingness to learn, explore, and experiment with ideas.

Listening and observation: Before undertaking a task, Viteos actively seeks and expects its associates to be good listeners to client to needs, and discern the true source of the need or problem, observe situations, reflect on these, and then contribute ideas to make things better.

Problem and solution identification: Explaining a concept into a solution using beautiful simple code and naming step by step until solutions become reality.

Technology Team