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The Viteos Difference

Viteos approaches technology differently, becoming an extension of the organization. Clients choose individual components from any of our products to design their own bespoke, interoperable offerings. Services seamlessly integrate into the client IT landscape with a plug-and-play delivery model – gaining flexibility without any changes. By keeping data at the client site we mitigate security concerns.

Viteos Universe seamlessly integrates all components of any asset management system into our platform modules for asset allocation, ETL, scheduler, reconciliation and reporting. Our developers devise innovative g solutions to the majority of post-trade problems. Thought and imagination drive our associates well beyond coding – to use their skill to devise creative approaches to straight-through-processing. And - we host all our own servers.

Our flagship solution, built on the JAVA/ Spring/Hibernate framework eliminates the need for Excel. At the click of a button, clients manage the middle office workflow lifecycle from the web. Compatible with numerous accounting systems, working with VEDA demands an understanding of the organic nature of our clients’ businesses, not just programming skill.

A combination modules ASTTRA is the premier lifecycle management tool that is seamlessly integrated with Advent Geneva. Built on Microsoft technology, ASTTRA comprises modules such as a customizable scheduler, a fully integrated ETL engine, and a web based reporting dashboard. ASTTRA developmentputs technologists to be at the forefront of delivery.

RECON REDUX is a customizable, web-based solution for finance departments. It completely automates the reconciliation framework and tasks, handling both static and carry-forward reconciliations.

Fulfills all complex, deadline driven regulatory filing requirements worldwide. VeriPFy delivers a repeatable solution regardless of domicile, size, or structure; and integrates with any type of internal operations and processes.