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Technology Team

The Viteos Leadership and Operations team possesses a deep understanding of the markets, technologies and client needs. Professionals at Viteos focus on flexibility, accuracy and exceeding client expectations. Our operations delivery team is comprised of experienced accountants, management graduates and post-graduates with wide exposure to international capital markets and associated best of breed technology solutions. The global infrastructure at Viteos leverages our highly skilled staff with a time zone advantage to provide a unique operational model with a significant competitive edge.

KB Venkataramanan

Chief Information Officer

KB oversees the company’s strategic technology systems. He leads the software, networking and infrastructure divisions supporting Viteos products and services.

An industry-wide challenge faced by large and smaller firms is the necessity of automating manual processes and reducing paperwork to save time, increase efficiency, and decrease errors. K. B. Venkataramanan, senior vice president and chief information officer at Viteos, describes the team’s philosophy behind automation: “Any process that is repeatable is automatable.” The team wanted to build the new processes to be as “straight-through” as possible, with minimal human interruption.

However, they recognized that they must also bring human interaction into play when subjective decision-making, understanding, or judgment was needed.

As KB said in a recent interview: "We were outgrowing our previous infrastructure and needed a solution that could automate repeatable manual processes, reduce paperwork, meet compliance standards, scale up or down to meet changing business environments – all while keeping costs down. Not only have we met all our goals, we have grown our business by 15 percent year over year."

K.B. brings more than 22 years of experience in large-scale systems design and operation, product development, high volume transaction processing, and infrastructure management. Throughout his extensive career in diversified companies, he has been involved with networking and distributed systems as well as functional products related to capital markets. Previously he held management positions at Manipal Universal Learning Pvt. Ltd and IL&FS.

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