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Mastering Domain Complexity

By Roshi Dandona, Co-Head of Fund Services Business at Viteos Fund Services.

Roshi Dandona of Viteos Fund Services reflects on the relative simplicity of Viteos’ offering, enabling clients to readily understand their technology.

Fin-tech users may be captivated by technology, but they are sometimes disappointed when it does not meet their expectations. Usually, either the chosen technology lacks the ability to address necessary domain specific elements or the technology must be combined with additional technologies to provide the benefits the user seeks. Understanding computing technology without the specialized domain expertise may exacerbate the possibility of underperformance. Superior results require more than just data input and computing power. Such advanced performance also requires domain expertise and an understanding of the nuances of the business before engaging in strategy discussions, as Melissa Sexton, head of investment risk at Morgan Stanley, opined in a recent interview.

Shadow-accounting can help hedge fund managers orchestrate greater returns from operations

By Shankar Iyer CEO, Viteos – Shadow-accounting has moved beyond the simple verification of Net Asset Value (NAV). Outsourcing the in-house accounting function, in part or full, is increasingly recognised as bringing significant value to the business via automation and best industry practices, which may not be in the purvey of internal teams, principally because the shadow provider performs these practices across various managers and funds.

Report Treasury Operations: From Basics to Optimal

Figuring out what to do with excess collateral is far harder than excess cash, because it involves knowing not only which counterparty and transaction are owed collateral, but also whether it is less or more than necessary to back a transaction. “As a rule of thumb, broker-dealers will always ask for more collateral, but never return extra unnecessary collateral,” says Ritesh Rathi, executive vice president of fund services for Viteos Fund Services. “Therefore, fund managers need to make certain they do the right margin calculations quickly enough.”

STP: Shedding the Leftover Inefficiencies

This is a reprint of the article originally appearing on Waters Technology by Josephine Gallagher. Reprinted with permission.

Five years ago, when Erik Kaland, COO of Storebrand Asset Management, joined the firm, he inherited a problem. Norway’s largest investment manager was laboring under decades’ worth of built-up issues—structural inefficiencies; manual processes; custom-built technologies and fragmented systems architectures all combined to create a costly, ineffective technology base at the business.

Treasury Operations: An Untapped Source for Incremental Revenue

By Ritesh Rathi, EVP, Viteos Fund Services.

Contact me at reply@viteos.com regarding your treasury needs.

Achievable by ample amounts of effort and analysis, there is a higher function, one that turns the hedge fund treasury into a source of incremental revenue and savings derived from bolstering data usability. As such, the treasury function is no longer just a back-office necessity. When viewed daily, revenue and savings seem incremental, however in aggregate the sums are large enough to contribute materially to overall returns. We see this as an area for improvement and expansion beyond the essential treasury activities associated with margin calls and wire processing. Implementing decision support information systems expand the treasury’s complex optimization choices and erect checks and balances, both of which are just beginning to get the attention they deserve.

AI in Alternative Investments

Ushanas Shastri, of Viteos Fund Services, highlights the role artificial intelligence has to play in the alternative investments space. He has spent 20 years in building front-to-back office tech solutions for Capital Markets, including high frequency trading, portfolio management and reconciliation systems. He is currently evaluating and adopting Machine Learning within solutions at Viteos Fund Services.


Prashant Mehta is the Vice President of Compliance at VITEOS. Since May 2018, all VITEOS applications and processes dealing with personal data have been GDPR compliant. Through this article, we intend to share useful advice and tips on GDPR. If you have any GDPR related queries, we can help you out. Contact our Compliance Officer at Compliance@viteos.com

Industry Voice: Automation in PE

Shashi S of Viteos Fund Services explores the potential benefits of automation as fee structures become increasingly complex.

Women in Hedge Funds - #timesup

In a world which is slowly making a shift towards gender equality and protecting women’s rights, the money-management industry still sees poor female misrepresentation at senior levels. Specifically, in the areas of hedge fund management, private equity and venture capital.

Innovation labs at Viteos

Digital technologies are disrupting many industries, but it isn’t a simple matter to leverage digital technology in alternative investments funds. This industry requires deep, nuanced domain expertise to coordinate disparate systems and technologies, resolve data quality challenges, identify critical use cases, and support complex products and strategies. Viteos Innovation Lab has a mission to innovate and re-imagine every business process to bring real benefits to clients.

Reconciliation tips on speeding up casing, reviewing and resolving breaks

At first glance, it may seem that reconciliation is a fairly “settled” match- ing activity of trade, position, and cash transactions, and managers have developed processes that largely fulfill their day-to-day needs. With as many as 35 stand-alone or bundled reconciliation tools available for purchase that automate approximately 60-65% of the listed and 50% of OTC data flows, the landscape would seem stable and serene. Yet upon closer examination, the scene is far less settled, and this phenomenon is not the concern of just a few managers.

Breaks: Improving resolution with 'health checks', rule building and integration

Common causes that fall into the multiple systems category are disparities in the handling of asset class, processing capability, and integration to multiple upstream and downstream reporting systems. Furthermore, managers are often forced to resolve breaks by recording complex securities in ways that work with the current technology infrastructure. Without a standard method for dealing with such situations, these work-arounds lead to processing and reporting disparities. The moment one system feeds into another, breaks occur because these securities either are not recognized or are recognized as a different asset class.

Reconciliation: tips on timeliness, setting thresholds, expanding reporting capabilities and more...

Constructing a reliable and dependable process, whether in-house or outsourced, requires competency in each asset class and command of the flow from source to final report. Augmenting those skills with a flexible reconciliation tool capable of mapping data resources and producing customised final reports for both position and cash improves timelines- the central feature of scalable, flexible middle and back-of office operations.

Peeling the ‘Complexity’ Onion

Chitra Baskar COO, one of the principals and co-founders of Viteos, manages global operations and plays a key role in the overall direction of the company of the company. She has been a visionary overseeing innovations to the firm’s technology offering in combination with services to meet the needs of the most complex funds and managers. Ms. Baskar holds a professional accounting degree and brings 30 years of securities market experience. She formerly headed the securities services business for a leading financial services for several International prime brokers. She has a track record of successfully building businesses and has been engaged with large companies like Citicorp, TCS and IL&FS.

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